Why Are My Ears Ringing

Last week I had to take a few days off from London escorts of www.charlotteaction.org. I had just come back from holiday and ended up with the most awful ear infection. Some of the girls at the agency think that I caught in on the way home on the plane. Personally I think that I caught it swimming in the sea in Mallorca. They say that the Mediterranean sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world and I know that others complained about the sea.

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Anyway, I had to take a day away from London escorts and go to the doctor. There was no way that I could put up with the ear ache and headache that I was getting from my poor ears. It was not only the pain. At the same time I felt really dizzy and I found it hard to eat. It was a bit like I had a tummy bug at the same time. When I got to the doctor, he explained that all of my crazy symptoms were caused by an ear infection and I had to take antibiotics.

A couple of days later on I felt fine apart from a ringing in my ears. I had to make another appointment with the doctor and this time he explained that I had tinnitus following my ear infection. Tinnitus is an inner ear problem which causes you to hear things which are not there. For instance it can be a ringing or another sound. In my case it was a ringing all of the time, and it was dreadful. The doctor said that it would go away on its own.

One of my dates at London escorts is really into alternative medicine so I decided to ask him about my ears. He recommended that I took something called Gingko biloba. You are not going to believe this, but 24 hours later the nasty ringing in my ears had gone away and I felt a lot better about myself. Naturally I carried on taking the Gingko as my date at London escorts had recommended. It was not a problem, I noticed that the Gingko seemed to have other health benefits as well.

I told one of my colleagues at London escorts about it, and it turns out that she swears by using Gingko. She says that it can help to improve your micro circulation and give you better skin. Apparently she take it all of the time and even claims that it prevents her from getting cellulite. If that is what it does, I think that we should all check it out. In her opinion, it is one of those herbs that cures a little bit of everything and has no harmful side effects. I am still on it, and I hope that it will give me great skin and keep that horrid orange peel effect away. Believe me, to feel well and look good, I am willing to do almost anything. If it means popping a herbal pill, I cannot see any harm in it.

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