He doesn’t want sexy with he lights on

I love having sex with the lights on but my boyfriends hates it. He says that it has nothing to do with not liking his body or my body. The only thing he keeps saying is that it does not make him feel relaxed at all. I am sure that is true for some people, but I cannot see why. I like to have at least a little bit of light on when I make love to my boyfriend, and I think that most of the other girls here at https://escortsinlondon.sx London escorts say that they feel exactly the same way. Perhaps we are a bit too forward but I really do like to see at least a little bit.

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We all have our own different ideas when it comes to making love. I have worked with tis Brazilian girl at London escorts for ages, and she says that her boyfriend hates it when she wants to make love I bed. He loves to have sex with her but there is no way that he is going to do so in he bedroom. They always end up having sex in the living room, kitchen or in the bathroom. I am sure that is great but having sex in the bedroom can be really relaxing.

Another girl that I know pretty well at our London escorts says that her partner has this thing about going on beach holidays, just so that they can have sex on the beach. It seems like they are always popping off on beach holidays. She does not mind at all and they are even thinking about making up a bucket list of places where they could have sex. I think it is kind of funny. But then again, I would not mind having sex on the beach in Hawaii. Just like they did in that famous movie here From Here On to Eternity.

Lots of people like to get a bit adventurous when it comes to having sex in different places. Before I joined London escorts, I did not know that people had so many fantasies about having sex in different places. It has been kind of interesting to learn about sexual habits and how we like to have sex. It makes you realize the many unusual ways that people get turned on in. One day, I may even compile a top ten list of places to have sex. I am not sure how well it would go down, but it would be fun to do.

Yes, I do wish that my boyfriend would learn how to make love with the light on. At the same time, I also wish that we could come up with some different places to have sex. Exactly where that would be, I don't know. But, I have to admit that I am thinking about making up my own little list of places where I would like to have sex. One of the places will be Hawaii, but I am not going to try to copy cat my friends at London escorts too much. I am sure that I will be able to come up with my own unique ideas.

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