One of the issues on the US ballot papers in the recent election had to do with the Californian porn movie industry. California has been home to the US porn movie industry for many years, and is the leading producer in the world of porn movies. In recent years there has been a lot of concerns about health issues in the industry. One of the girls here at Paddington escorts worked in Los Angles for while so she has some insight into it.

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When you voted for US president, you also had to vote on a number of other issues. One of the issues concerned the Californian porn industry. At the moment it is legal for movies to be made featuring actors using no sexual protection at all. It has been of serious concern, and the US electorate was asked if they thought that porn actors in California should be forced to wear condoms. To me it seemed like a funny topic. Of course you should be sexually safe when you make a porn movie.

Sara from Paddington escorts said that virtually no actors used sexual protection at all. You had to go for a test every six months to prove that you did not have a HIV infection but that was it. Just of the many reasons why Sara decided to come back to Paddington escorts. It simply was not for her and she said that the industry had not felt safe at all. Sexual safety and awareness were not the only two issues wished concern Sara when she worked in Los Angeles.

One of the things that concerned Sara a lot was the fact that movies are often made in private homes. She said you drive there and she was not never sure if she was part of a private movie or professional one. The way many movies are made make them seem very personal said Sara. Another problem is that you do not get paid straight away. Often you do only get paid once the movie is about to be released. Just another thing that made Sara come back to Paddington escorts.

Sara also said that you have to hassle the studios all of the time. Every day you get loads of porn stars going around to the different studios trying to find work. All of the bosses are not nice and they try to take advantage of you. Sara was totally shocked when many of her friends told her that they offered free sex to get a part. That was not the way Sara wanted to work so she returned to London and started to work for Paddington escorts again. She may not be living in the California sunshine but the lifestyle is a lot better. Sara does not have to worry about where her next pay check is going to come from, and she loves the fact that she does not have to drive for hours to get to Paddington escort services. The US is great but it has a lot of problems and you really need to know how to look after yourself.